keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2011

The tablet is a good thing for the newspaper

First I believed that after all the laptops would be the new template for electronic newspapers.
Then I believed in the e-paper. I guess I thought that the electronic newspaper should be more mobile.
Then came the smartphones. I used my smarphone as a newspaper template one summer. I got used to it.
Then came the tablets. Then came The Daily on the iPad.
The tablets might work as a medium for the electronic newspaper. Some people think that the iPad is too heavy for keeping in one hand, where as the Kindle tablet is lighter. I do not know – I have not been testing either of them.
The tablet – or the XL smartphone – is anyway a breakthrough for the electronic newspaper. Now the papers do not have to teach people to use the new device. People will have the device (soon, soon…) and will be more comfortable with reading the paper on the tablet.
I have talked about quality of journalism recently in my blog. Quality is also a question of usability. It is very interesting, and nice, to see that newspapers are really working on creating versions especially for the tablet. This, I think, is going to create the electronic newspaper much faster than I ever would have expected. It is a good way to do quality work at once.
To me this is good news. To people stuck in the “People are used to the newspaper printed on paper” mantra will never agree with me.
We need the electronic newspaper for many reasons – for the business, for ecology, for usability, and for getting youngsters to subscribe to newspapers again.
When I moved out to my own apartment, my parents paid for a subscription to the newspaper for me. So did almost all parents. They do not do it very much anymore. Their youngsters, and the parents, get their news free.
Well, get The Daily going, and you might have a new wave coming!

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